Taking care of and storing your essential oils!

Essential Oils Bottles

Essential oils have become a part of the daily lives of many as more and more people are aware of the natural approach of taking care of their bodies.  Everyone needs to be aware of how to properly store their essential oils. It is important to store essential oils correctly so that they do not spoil or oxidize.

Exposure to light, moisture, heat, and the presence of oxygen can cause essential oils to spoil.

In order to keep the oxygen out of the essential oils, it is important to store the oils in a container that is filled well and closed tightly.

The bottle should be kept in a cool place away from light.

The oil can evaporate or deteriorate if it comes in contact with air.

Keeping the essential oils in the refrigerator is ideal, because the oils should be kept in a cool place not exceeding 65 degrees Fahrenheit. An essential oil can ignite spontaneously if it hits its flashpoint.

Citrus oils would be best in the refrigerator. They have a shorter shelf life, and you could start seeing oxidation in about 6 months. You may see a little thickening when they are stored in the refrigerator, but when you take them out to use them, they will be fine.

Sunlight can bleach the color of an essential oil. The bottle should be kept out of sunlight, and preferably in an amber colored bottle.

Moisture should be kept out of the essential oil at all times.

Store the essential oils in a dry place.

And, as always, essential oils should always be kept out of reach from children.

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