Time for a twist…


As I continue to go through my studies (working on my associates in aromatherapy and herbal medicine), I have found myself starting to change gears and create a new path.  Herbs and essential oils have a whole new meaning to me now that I have learned so much more than I have ever known.  Transitioning from an herbal studies certification course to a two-year college has not gone without difficulty.  Taking on full-time college while leading a fully packed life with obstacles has definitely created many road blocks.  In the end, it is all worth it for the knowledge I have gained.

This knowledge has only strengthened my passion for using herbs and essential oils in my family’s daily life.  I have added another passion in my life, though, which has led me to combine the two together.  Eating healthy and exercising daily has become my new passion…to the point that it does take time out of my already busy schedule.

So, here’s the twist.  I don’t cook a lot of different recipes.  I tend to stick to my favorite healthy meals.  Once a week I will try a new recipe that incorporates herbs.  This will make it so the nutritious meals for my family will benefit from the medicinal properties of the herbs as well.  I will be trying recipes that I find, since I don’t have any of my own at this time.  I will definitely try to become creative at some point to come up with my own.

Once I try a new recipe, I will blog about it.  I may even add a video of me preparing the recipe as well.  Wouldn’t that be exciting!  Hahaha…

It’s all about choosing the right foods for our body and focusing on health, wellness, nutrition, strength, stamina, longevity, energy, and happiness.

Stay tuned for the first recipe post!

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