Exciting Announcement!

When I first started this blog, I had every good intention of blogging at least once a week.  What some of you might not know is that I started college around the same time.  For two years, I struggled with fitting my schooling in my completely full life.  This also affected my blogging…which has been almost non-existent.  It was important to me to get more schooling regarding herbs and essential oils so that I can give people the information they need to use natural remedies safely.  I also enjoy giving people suggestions of herbs and essential oils that they may like to use.  Even cooking with herbs is beneficial, so that is on my agenda for my next blog post.

The work has paid off!  I officially received my first degree and two diplomas from American College of Healthcare Sciences!  I now have my Associates in Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine (Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine Specializations), a diploma in Herbal Studies Master Herbalist, and a diploma in Aromatherapy Master Herbalist.

First, I thank my friends who have stuck by me even though I have not been available to spend time with them, and it takes months before I schedule another hang.  Love to you all!

Second, and most importantly, this has not been possible without the love and support of my family.  My mother has been rock solid support and has helped take care of my son while I have done my school work.  The biggest shout out goes to my son, though.  He was the one who pushed me to do the schooling and has had to deal with my not being available to spend time with him for hours and days.  Big hearts go out to him!

I am now in the process of taking two more semesters, which will earn me an Associate of Applied Science in Health and Wellness.  Those of you who are on Instagram and Facebook and are friends with me know that this is right up my alley.  I will be incorporating everything I learn and combining them for the ultimate and maximum support and knowledge that I can give you all who read my blog.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog when I post…there will be more to come!


Time for a twist…


As I continue to go through my studies (working on my associates in aromatherapy and herbal medicine), I have found myself starting to change gears and create a new path.  Herbs and essential oils have a whole new meaning to me now that I have learned so much more than I have ever known.  Transitioning from an herbal studies certification course to a two-year college has not gone without difficulty.  Taking on full-time college while leading a fully packed life with obstacles has definitely created many road blocks.  In the end, it is all worth it for the knowledge I have gained.

This knowledge has only strengthened my passion for using herbs and essential oils in my family’s daily life.  I have added another passion in my life, though, which has led me to combine the two together.  Eating healthy and exercising daily has become my new passion…to the point that it does take time out of my already busy schedule.

So, here’s the twist.  I don’t cook a lot of different recipes.  I tend to stick to my favorite healthy meals.  Once a week I will try a new recipe that incorporates herbs.  This will make it so the nutritious meals for my family will benefit from the medicinal properties of the herbs as well.  I will be trying recipes that I find, since I don’t have any of my own at this time.  I will definitely try to become creative at some point to come up with my own.

Once I try a new recipe, I will blog about it.  I may even add a video of me preparing the recipe as well.  Wouldn’t that be exciting!  Hahaha…

It’s all about choosing the right foods for our body and focusing on health, wellness, nutrition, strength, stamina, longevity, energy, and happiness.

Stay tuned for the first recipe post!

Winter Herb Quarterly

I’m happy to report that I had another opportunity to write for the Herb Quarterly in the winter issue.  This article is very dear to my heart.  I wrote about herbs for Alzheimer’s & anxiety. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s, and it is so sad to watch people have to live with this disease and the anxiety that goes along with it.

Look for the winter issue on the stands and take the time to read all of the amazing articles. I was able to be in the same issue as my friend, and wonderful herbalist, Sheilagh Cruickshank!

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Yes, exercise IS important!

So, it’s been a while since I have blogged, and I have quite a lot of information that I’d like to share.  I am going to start posting more, especially new things I have learned and created.  Recipes that worked, or maybe didn’t work.  🙂

Before I start getting back into the posts about herbs and essential oils, I want to share a video that I had to make for a college assignment.  It’s about exercise and how it is really important to have it in our lives.  Actually, it should be part of our daily routines (at least three times a week).

Go ahead and check out the video.  Sorry about the fact that I ramble on for 12 minutes or so, and that I am not experienced at making videos at all.  And, be sure to look forward to seeing more posts soon!



Why I stopped selling Young Living last year…

As many of you know, I used to be an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.  Many of you do not know that I stopped selling their oils last year.

Here’s a little background of how I got into selling the oils.

I had taken an herbal studies course in Salem, MA, and in my studies, learned the importance of purchasing quality essential oils.  This included making sure the oils were not adulterated and did not have any synthetic ingredients added to them.

My friend introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils, and not only were the aromas wonderful, but my mother and I could feel them working very quickly.  I purchased my own essential oil kit.

After I used them for a little bit, thinking I’d be teaching many people about the wonderful uses of essential oils, I decided that I would sell them.  To me, it was a benefit in a couple of ways.  I love teaching people about natural ways of living, and I’d make extra money at the same time.  I have a full time job, but this would be added income, which is nice when you’re a single mother.

Now, the reason why I stopped selling Young Living Essential Oils.

As many of you know, Young Living Essential Oils uses network marketing to sell their essential oils.  I’ve never been one to succeed at network marketing, because I am generally a quiet and shy person until you really get to know me.  I don’t approach people in general, and wait for them to approach me.  So, joining this company was a challenge from the beginning.  I started feeling the push from people higher up in the chain.  We were supposed to sell the kits, then automatically start contacting that person to try and get them to set up a monthly order in order for them to become a recurring customer.  But, knowing how many essential oils they receive in the kit made me think that they didn’t need to reorder so quickly.  There were enough oils to last them a while, if they used them correctly.  Some oils were not favorites of some customers, and they didn’t use them.  I felt as though pushing a person to buy more before they even finished using the ones they had was a bit much.

People were hurting themselves with the essential oils, because they were not aware of any contraindications.  They also were not aware of doing skin patch tests to make sure they could handle an essential oil on their skin.  There are so many things to take into consideration when using an essential oil.  This had me start really thinking.  Then, when I was listening to a call with a person who is really high up in the chain, I heard something that really turned me the other way.  A person asked how they could answer detailed questions about the essential oils.  This person told them not to answer questions.  They said to just give brief information in order to sell them the kit.  I also was informed that I was not working hard enough to make more sales.  It’s then that I knew that this was not right for me.  This is when I left.

And now, the kicker.

I have just heard that Young Living Essential Oils has trademarked Thieves.  I can’t tell you how sad this makes me.  We all know, and they know, that this blend of herbs has been around forever.  And, herbalists everywhere use this blend, because it is so wonderful and boosts the immune system.  Herbalists can’t use the Thieves name on their products anymore, and this is so disappointing.  I loved the essential oils that Young Living Essential Oils produced.  They are of great quality.  But, I cannot support them anymore knowing that they would hurt the herbal community in this way.

For these reasons, I no longer purchase, sell or support Young Living Essential Oils.

Here is a link to a post regarding the trademark: https://www.facebook.com/SageMountainHerbalRetreatCenter/posts/941958142519272?fref=nf