Exciting Announcement!

When I first started this blog, I had every good intention of blogging at least once a week.  What some of you might not know is that I started college around the same time.  For two years, I struggled with fitting my schooling in my completely full life.  This also affected my blogging…which has been almost non-existent.  It was important to me to get more schooling regarding herbs and essential oils so that I can give people the information they need to use natural remedies safely.  I also enjoy giving people suggestions of herbs and essential oils that they may like to use.  Even cooking with herbs is beneficial, so that is on my agenda for my next blog post.

The work has paid off!  I officially received my first degree and two diplomas from American College of Healthcare Sciences!  I now have my Associates in Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine (Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine Specializations), a diploma in Herbal Studies Master Herbalist, and a diploma in Aromatherapy Master Herbalist.

First, I thank my friends who have stuck by me even though I have not been available to spend time with them, and it takes months before I schedule another hang.  Love to you all!

Second, and most importantly, this has not been possible without the love and support of my family.  My mother has been rock solid support and has helped take care of my son while I have done my school work.  The biggest shout out goes to my son, though.  He was the one who pushed me to do the schooling and has had to deal with my not being available to spend time with him for hours and days.  Big hearts go out to him!

I am now in the process of taking two more semesters, which will earn me an Associate of Applied Science in Health and Wellness.  Those of you who are on Instagram and Facebook and are friends with me know that this is right up my alley.  I will be incorporating everything I learn and combining them for the ultimate and maximum support and knowledge that I can give you all who read my blog.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog when I post…there will be more to come!


Winter Herb Quarterly

I’m happy to report that I had another opportunity to write for the Herb Quarterly in the winter issue.  This article is very dear to my heart.  I wrote about herbs for Alzheimer’s & anxiety. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s, and it is so sad to watch people have to live with this disease and the anxiety that goes along with it.

Look for the winter issue on the stands and take the time to read all of the amazing articles. I was able to be in the same issue as my friend, and wonderful herbalist, Sheilagh Cruickshank!

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Tea for the cold season!

Well, I was going to move into blogging about Winter Blues, but as I run into more and more people that are catching the colds going around, I decided that I should post a good tea recipe.  This is a post that I had on another blog, but it’s such a good tea, that I have to post it on this blog.  

Now mind you, I have been trying to keep myself from getting sick all season.  At the beginning of December, I went to a holiday party where someone was still fighting a cold.  Then, the next two nights I didn’t get sleep.  With those two combined, I could not keep the cold away.  So, every day I made this tea, and I was able to keep myself from going to the doctor or buying over-the-counter medicine.  Of course, it’s my preference to avoid the doctor and medicine.  You must decide for yourselves.  Here is my blog post from last Winter:

I started getting a bad sinus cold and researched the herbs I already knew a lot about to come up with a tea that I could drink.  After a few recipes, and adding new ingredients, I came up with a blend that has worked wonderfully.  This tea has not only helped through the tough colds that knocked us all down during the holiday season, but has kept my household from getting the flu.  And, we have lots of friends who have caught the flu, so it’s definitely been around us.



Flu Season Tea Ingredients


Fresh ginger root

Fresh turmeric

One lemon

Local Honey

Cayenne pepper


  • Pour 1 quart of water in a saucepan
  • Turn the burner on high to start warming the water quickly
  • Grate about 1 inch of the ginger root (I use a zester)
  • Grate a piece of the turmeric, about a 1 inch piece (I use a zester, and wear a glove to keep my hand from turning yellow)
  • Place the grated ginger and turmeric in the pan with the water, and add three shakes of cayenne
  • Turn the water down to a simmer, and stir the mixture
  • Simmer the tea for 20 minutes
  • While the tea is simmering, juice the lemon into the measuring cup you used to measure the quart of water
  • Add 5 tablespoons of honey to the lemon juice
  • When the tea is done simmering, strain it through a fine strainer into the lemon and honey mixture
  • Mix it all, start drinking and enjoy!

I like to fill a thermos to take to work with me.  I drink the quart of tea all morning at work.  On the weekends, I enjoy drinking it in the morning.  It’s a refreshing blend, and is very healing.

I will blog about each ingredient in different posts, but wanted you all to have this recipe to try.

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