All Natural Make-Up Remover

Coconut Oil

I read somewhere that coconut oil can be used as an all natural make-up remover. Now, I had a hard time believing this at first, as I am someone who will wear dark eyeliner and thick mascara on stage while performing in a band. I didn’t bother trying, thinking that it can’t possibly work for me.

I mentioned to a group of women that I had read this somewhere. One of the women said that it was true, it really did work. Still, I had my doubts, and did not try it right away.

This past Friday, I went out and wore my dark eyeliner with thick mascara. When I got home, I was about to go find my make-up remover, and stopped. I thought…why not?

Taking a paper towel (one of the thicker kinds) and wetting it with warm water, I put a small amount of coconut oil on it. Then, I proceeded to rub the coconut oil all over my make-up on one eye. I wiped, then folded the towel.  I repeated this a couple of times. And you know what? It worked! It totally took off all of the eyeliner and the mascara…clumps and all! I couldn’t believe it.

Talk about an easy, money saving, chemical-free way to remove make-up.  Perfect!